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Welcome to ME

Hi, My name is Donn Breshears. Here is a picture of me
hard at work (or is it hardly working?) I work for Sprint North Supply which is a distribution company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Sprint.

I live in beutiful Kansas City, MO with my wife, Susan, and our two cats, Edgar and Amanda.

Several of my favorite hobbies are represented in this sight. They include, reading books and seeing movies, Play by Mail games and computers. I am also a rabid football fan, especially for theKansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs 2001 Schedule
Sun 8/12Washington Redskins7:30 PM200
Sat 8/18Chicago Bears7:30 PM109
Thurs 8/23at Jacksonville Jaguars6:30 PM2328
Fri 8/31at St. Louis Rams7:00 PM
Sun 9/9Oakland Raiders12:00 NOON
Sun 9/16at Seattle Seahawks3:15 PM
Sun 9/23New York Giants12:00 NOON
Sun 9/30at Washington Redskins12:00 NOON
Sun 10/7at Denver Broncos3:05 PM
Sun 10/14Pittsburgh Steelers12:00 NOON
Sun 10/21at Arisona Cardinals3:05 PM
Sun 10/28Indianapolis Colts12:00 NOON
Sun 11/4at San Diego Chargers3:15 PM
Sun 11/11at New York Jets12:00 NOON
Sun 11/18OPEN DATE
Sun 11/25Seattle Seahawks12:00 NOON
Thurs 11/29Philadelphia Eagles7:30 PM
Sun 12/9at Oakland Raiders3:15 PM
Sun 12/16Denver Broncos12:00 NOON
Sun 12/23San Diego Chargers12:00 NOON
Sun 12/30at Jacksonville Jaguars12:00 NOON
All Times Central Time

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