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A Brief History

Banstable Smith was searching for work in Harn, a Port City (and Safe Haven) in southern Provinia. He was not having a good time of it until Jarl Aekinskald came to him with a proposition. "I am the Lord Protector of the County Southmarche, " Jarl told him, "and I am in need of a good man to raise a navy." After delicate negations (which mostly involved Banstable kissing his feet in pure joy) Banstable accepted the job and was given the title of Lord Admiral, Commander of the County Navy.

Things were going along just fine, the navy was growing and I was being a useful member of the County. Then one day Jarl came to me again. "I am leaving you my friend," he told me "myself and Vyassa (the overlord of County Southmarche) are leaving to go to another world. I want you to take my place as Lord Protector of the County." What followed was a tumultuous year. With the departure of our two founding members the County was in chaos. Myself (House Smith), Eric of Erigadorn, Jikiri, and Kane MacMurray (the remaining members of the County) decided to form a union of independent states. We had just gotten things worked out and proceeding smoothly when disaster struck.

Attack on Land's End

Land's End was a peaceful Port city in southern Provina and part of County Southmarche. We were peacefully working in the city when a ship came into port. Never having a problem with anything before, it was allowed to dock peacefully. Before we knew what was happening troops came boiling out of the ship and a battle raged through the streets of Land's End. Many saliors and nobles lost their lives that day. Over the next two months we were able to liberate Land's End from the attackers. We also learned that the attackers were from our neighbor the Lords of the Crown. When the dust had settled we thought our problems were over, we were wrong.

Two years had passed before the Lords armies came again. This time they were not here for a raid, they were here to destroy. In month 6 of year 17 the Lords convinced an ally to the north to turn to their side. They razed his castle and started to march south to the County. In Month 3 of year 18 a Lords army led by Santa Canibus landed at Sweetwood and destroyed the castle of Kane MacMurray there. And as of Month 7 of year 18, they have destroyed Eric of Erigadorn's castle in Ravenwood and have started marching on the House Smith stronghold in Zothique. Throughout this campaign the Lord's of the Crown have ignored any pleading to settle this matter peacefully and have been hunting down and murdering the nobles of the County Southmarche and House Smith, no matter where in the world they have been found.

The future of House Smith is uncertain. But whatever unfolds, you will see it here.

Written this 8th month of year 18 by my hand

Banstable Smith,
Lord of the Smiths

Southmarche Ends

In the season of Snowmelt year 19 Southmarche has come to an end. The evil LoTC invaders have ended my rule from the city of Zothique and forced me into exile. I have found a new home with friends and the saga of House Smith will continue in the future.

The remaining members of the once great House Smith are now refugees. Betrayed, hunted, and murdered we have hidden in one of the few safe places in Provinia. We are surrounded by enemies but we shall survive. We shall always remember the fall of Zothique and the murder of our great leader Banstable Smith.

House Smith Rises Again

House Smith has risen again. We fled the atrocities of the Harn area and have joined with new companions to the north. House Smith is now a proud member of the Greyfell Lords. We wish our former companions the best of luck in their new ventures and wish nothing but grief on the vile Lords of the Crown.

Created by Donn Breshears

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