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A Brief History

A Brief History

In the Begining

Corum wandered into town. He came from nowhere and was going nowhere.

It was the small port city of Taor in the land of the Dragon Lords.

Corum decided then that his day's of wandering were over. After brief consultations with the local leadership he decided that this was not where he wanted to stay. So he recruited a few faithful helpers and they began learning the skills nessacary to survive in this strange world.

After several months the four decided that they would set forth, but where to? After purchasing a boat and talking to other sailors in the taverns they decided to try their luck by sailing to mythical Maelwys. And so the set sail.

They spent nearly a year at sea before they found Claire City. A grand port city on the shores of Maelwys ....


Created by Donn Breshears

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