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Other PBeM Games

There is no way I can list all the PBeM games out there. Needless to say there are literally hundreds. Here are a few that I have played and a link to one of the most complete lists available.

Arena, is a gladatorial combat game run by the same folks who run Olympia. It is a very intersting and unique game as you explore the Imperial City and fight in the various areanas for fame and fortune.

Singularity is an easy to learn FREE PBeM game. It is played like a card game and is actually very interesting. The goal is to be the first culture to reach "Singularity", of course there are many other cultures striving for the same end.

Food Chain is another FREE PBeM game. It is a very unique game of spiecies survival, you get to create a species and then watch it grow (or die) and evolve.

Greg Lindahl's PBM gaming page contains the most comprehensive list I have ever seen of PBM games. If you are interested in finding a game, look no further because here it is.

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