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Olympia is a computer moderated play-by-electronic-mail (PBEM) fantasy simulation. Each player controls a small group of nobles, who may lead commoners, fight, build ships and castles, explore, trade, slay monsters, study skills such as construction, beastmastery or combat, and research spells in the six schools of magic.

Olympia campaigns have no set conclusions, and typically run for several years, with new players continually joining. The map has thousands of provinces, each containing features such as cities, ruins, lairs, sacred groves, castles, etc. The game is capable of supporting hundreds of players in the same world.

House Smith is a minor faction in Olympia. We are dedicated to Neutrality and living (and not doing that very well right now.) If you are interested in joining or want more information take a look at some of the links below.

General Information House Smith
Olympia Home Page A brief history of House Smith
Olympia Rules A Tribute to those who have fallen
Join Olympia Friends and Enemies

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